LumiHub Gateway

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NOTE: LumiHub is essential for system operation. LumiSense sensors and LumiNode transmitters will not work without the LumiHub gateway.

If you're purchasing LumiHub for use in any European region, you must provide your own regional SIM card.

LumiHub is an advanced wireless communication hub that bridges the gap between field sensor data collection and real-time cloud-based analytics. With a typical wireless local network reach of over 1600ft (500m), it is capable of collecting data from all of your sensors on site.

Built-in cellular connectivity allows LumiHub to effortlessly transfer sensor data to the cloud, even in remote locations.
No Cellular coverage on site? No problem. Use our Power-Over-Ethernet power reel (sold separately) to supply both your local network connection and power using a single Ethernet cable.

Each LumiHub comes with the following standard accessories:

  • Metal mounting brackets and fasteners
  • Outdoor power supply with 100' (30m) Ethernet cable
  • Instruction manual

LumiHub is purpose-built to operate outdoors in any type of environment. Its durable IP67-rated enclosure is dust-proof and water resistant, ensuring constant reliability and dependability regardless of changes in weather conditions.