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*NOTE: LumiNode2+ is essential for system operation and must be connected to a LumiSense cable in order to collect and transmit concrete temperature data.

LumiNode2+ is a battery powered wireless transmission device which reads sensor data and sends it directly to the cloud. Its IP68-rated enclosure is both dust and water-proof, ensuring constant data transmission regardless of changing weather conditions. LumiNode’s easy plug-and-play setup along with its rechargeable battery makes it both reusable and reliable throughout multiple projects.


LumiNode Plus is the newest addition to the LumiCon concrete monitoring system.

Boasting gateway-less, direct-to-cloud connectivity, an all-new rechargeable battery, and industry-leading toughness, LumiNode Plus makes it easier than ever to collect concrete temperature and maturity data.

Built Tough,
for Construction

Rated at IP67 and enclosed with a protective shield, LumiNode Plus is purpose built to withstand any environmental condition at construction sites.

Data Collection,
With Peace of Mind

Sensor data is always securely stored in the LumiNode Plus to protect against loss in cellular and network connectivity. Data transmission resumes automatically when connectivity recovers. 


State-of-the-art low power design allows continuous operation for up to 6 months* without recharging. Use any USB-C cable to recharge just like your smartphone.

No Gateway Needed

LumiNode Plus constantly streams concrete temperature and maturity data directly to the cloud - without the need for extra devices such as network gateway, repeaters, or signal boosters.

* North American model battery charge cycle rated at 6 months. Contact us for details regarding other regions.

Tech specs

About LumiCon

LumiCon is a fully integrated digital solution developed by AOMS Technologies for the construction industry to provide complete visibility into construction projects. LumiCon combines ruggedized hardware and advanced analytics software to enable real-time data collection and remote access to insights pertaining to concrete curing, job site conditions, and asset and material management.

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